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You may submit this rental application if you wish to lease an apartment managed by Pondok Management. There is a $43.50 non-refundable application fee which covers the cost of a credit and background check. You may pay this using PayPal after submitting this application. If you choose, you may also print out an application and send a money order for $43.50. We do not accept checks as payment for the application process. Please note that we do not accept dogs at these communities.

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This application, if approved, becomes part of the Rental Agreement. If any statements on this application are found to be false at any time, any lease in force may be terminated and TENANT shall remain responsible for LANDLORD'S damages. Applicant hereby authorizes the release of any and all information requested by Pondok Management or its assigned agent(s), including, but not limited to information regarding current and prior tenancies, employment, credit history and bank references. My signature below indicates acceptance of these conditions, including giving permission for Pondok Management to obtain a credit report on me. APPLICATION FEE: $43.50 per applicant. Each applicant is required to submit an application, and will be listed on the lease if tenancy is offered. Please submit applications from all prospective tenants together to be sure all are considered for the same apartment. Security deposit will be required upon issuance of keys. Depending upon credit scores and other circumstances, a co-signer may be required for tenancy. Please note that we do not accept co-signers who do not live in Virginia. The application fee submitted in association with this application is NON-REFUNDABLE, regardless of whether or not tenancy is offered.

After succesfully submitting your application, you will be directed to pay the $43.50 application fee at PayPal.